Monday, March 30, 2009

This blog is officially closed.

But, if you care to follow me in my so-called adventure - leave your link here (in comment box) OR email me - using my (full) alter ego's name.

Thank you for being with me this far.

P/s: I really need to remain anonymous in order to bare all juicy details haha..
Still figuring out how best to balance those two!

Friday, March 20, 2009

..(back) with a vengeance!!!

Ever heard of the catch phrase, "hell has no fury like a woman scorned??
(or vice versa)" Muahahahahaha!!!!! *insertmoreevillaughhere*

I'm ready, anytime now, with An 'Expose'!!

Define: Exposé (French - Online Dict).

An exposing of something which should have been kept out of sight. Thus we say a man made a dreadful exposé — i.e. told or did something which should have been kept concealed.

(2nd written) Warning: One single mis-step boyo - you're IT!! All my 'networkings' turn out to be useful after all...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Balik Kpg Mission I: To deliver jeruk..

Assalamualaikum & Greetings to my dear family (of course, they don't know I blog) & friends (you & YOU lah),

First part of the mission - to secure the 'halallan toyyibban' jeruk menurut spesifikasi yang ditetapkan ie Islam*c Manufacturing Practice (IMP)- was accomplished yesterday with the help of my newest partner-in-crimes (like to jogwalk around campus, shopping mall, nite market etc.)

So, here are the proves:

Caveat: Any salivating due to the evidences at hand was not intended at all.

p/s: 12 packets @half-kilo each for family members (surely not enough..)& neighbours (friends in May trip)- as part of my thanksgiving, alhamdulillah.

FYI: The jeruk was processes locally - with buah pala from Balik Pulau, mempelam, kedondong, kelubi etc. from Perlis mostly, few like buah salak was sourced from Indo, and grapes from Thai. There're all kinds of asam (& other snacks, sweets) available too but imported from China. Marukku made locally. I even tried jeruk bawang putih (Euwwww!!) but surprisingly it didn't smell at all & quite tasty!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Observation on Life at the (new-for-me) Tasik

Other than jogging or walking around the lake (or reading, practice drama-scenes, photo shoots, cycling, row-training etc.) the next most favourite activity for many 'visitors' is to feed the fishes and turtles! And not to be left hungry, the monitor lizard too (iguana is the mini version while komodo dragon (biawak raksasa??) is the largest of the same species)!

I no longer wonder what happen to any pieces of stale bread here on campus, they even feed them the whole loaf plus an assortment of other things (like a packet of marukku???)! Talk about business opportunity…

And, I’ve observed a foreign guy for a couple of time already, who came in the evening – maybe he works in a restaurant or something like that coz instead of throwing at leisure, small pieces of bread (girls did this alongside their macho boyfriends too) – and out from his plastic bag into the lake: the pink and white but not-so-little fluffy apam!!! Wooohooo!!! Going by the enthusiastic reaction which means ‘grabbing as much as you can’ amongst the fishes, turtles & biawaks – it’s a welcome treat!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The adventure begins..

Assalamualaikum & Greetings to my Dear Family & Friends (punya lah malas nak tulis satu2),

This is a report about my 'hot dates' over the Valentine (its significance much later!) weekend.

1. Penang Hill or Bukit Bendera was fun! The temperature was (very) slightly lower than below - an occasional cool breeze. The working of the funicular train (operated by cable) is the main attraction & reasonably price @ RM4 per adult for a return-trip & RM2 for kids below 12yo. Luckily, somebody find a souvenir shop which sells XXXL sized t-shirt printed with - what else? - Penang Hill! However, we only bought 1 or 2 each since some local ppl we met on the way up suggested that we go to Bt Feringgi night market for better bargains & it has everything too! (bearinmindgreedybargainhunters..hehe)
P/s: Abang - not advisable for you to go up there - there's a LARGE ular sawa & plenty of others sewaktu dgnnya waiting...hehehe

2. Second stop was supposed to be Toy Museum esp for the kids & followed by a round tour of the island. Alas, everybody was hungry so that necessitated an emergency pit stop @ Nasi Kandar Khaleel, Jln. Gurney.

3. Left mak & k.Teh to rest my place, we continued to Bayan Lepas, in search of the best Char Kue Teow. Finally, after searching high & low, we found the place @ 'bawah pokok tepi jalan', Bayan Baru, only to be told it operates only at night time. Argh...somebody was now was past tea time.

4. Further search up the road to whereever, looking for a place to eat ended us up at Limbungan Kapal Batu Maung - end of the road, but we saw fishermen coming in after day out@sea & an expensive looking eatery (closed)! We followed the direction to Penang War Museum, found it but didnt look interesting enough at that time (I was told today, it worth visiting afterall! there's an aquarium@govt agency nearby too). A turn of the road led us to Teluk Tempoyak - real fishing village with a jetty. The village people were busy preparing for a burial & so ignored us as the kedai makan will operate after that. No other choice for us except the chalet (dont bother asking abt the rates as I know nothing abt it) & restaurant 'next door' which open from 12pm to 2am (if Im not mistaken) - not bad at all. The seafood was freshly cooked & service was so&so lah.
Moral: never ordered lala to be cooked as masak lemak cili api la oi!

5. After a refreshing rest back @my place, we esp mak & k.Teh were eager for a bit of shopping @ bt feringgi. The neighbour who took care of mak's chicken (@hometown) didnt want to accept payment of money but she wants 'jeruk' - pickled or preserved fruits Penang are famous for. So, we set out before 9pm, got caught in bumper to bumper traffic all the way to bt feringgi & eventually saw the night market - plenty of stalls lining up the long roadside & but there's no place to park, even difficult to turn around!! It was valentine night - couples were out in force so the restaurants on the opposite site of the road were doing brisk business. We decided to try our luck in Georgetown, esp. Padang Kota Lama only to face the same scenario again & being restless, temper started to arise!

6. So, we decided to head home after a detour to Bayan Baru for the best char kue teow @rm5 per big plate -tapowed. Alhamdulillah, it was divine (sodap giler beb!) & worth the effort. We reached home just before 12am - betul2 jalan2 makan angin kosong!

7. Next morning, still in search of the jeruk, I told them to stop @Chowrasta Market, somewhere near Komtar, on Penang Road - on their way back - this time by ferry. Alas, they failed to find it & I'm no help either since I havent been there or anywhere!

So, maybe next outing perhaps? And who ever is coming over next, please arm yourself with details of places to go (direction & landmarks), where & what foods to eat etc.


Thursday, February 12, 2009


"On behalf of the Editorial Board, I am very pleased to accept your paper for
publication in the next issue of..."


Finally, to be accepted for the first time ever (mind you, it was after 3 rejections -both @local & international level & countless revisions + cucuran airmata)- I deserved a pat on the back! Hehehe....

Alhamdulillah & Thank you Allah.

P/s: While I'm on a roll here, lets get jiggy with the just-accepted-local abstract & the other two corrections.